The Chamber Choir VOKaali

from Hämeenlinna, Finland

The Chamber Choir VOKaali is a mixed choir established 2003 and it is conducted by Ms. Leena Aarnipuu-Lampela. VOKaali is composed of experienced amateur singers who want to improve their singing skills and learn new things. The 20 members of the choir represent very different occupations and the age varies between 30 and 50. Many members of the choir have a long experience from different choirs and some musical or instrumental studies behind them. The basic repertoire of the choir consists of masterpieces of Finnish composers like Sibelius, Madetoja, Hannikainen, Fougstedt, Kuula and Palmgren and Northen composers like Edvard Grieg, Peter-Erasmus Lange-Muller and Wilhelm Peterson-Berger. The choir also sings the music of contemporary Finnish composers like Linkola, Kostiainen, Kuusisto, Holma and Komulainen. One part of the repertoire consists of old and new sacred music, which the choir sings especially at Christmastime. The Chamber Choir VOKaali has made a CD-record of Christmas music called "Ken kuullut on laulua".

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